The Big 5

Make a wish!

Saturday was Nina’s fifth birthday and her very first big girl birthday party. The poor deprived child (not) has never had a party due to the fact that she was born the day after Thanksgiving and we are always so busy. Well, now that she is in school and has girlfriends, I thought it was high time she have a party.

So, I made the mistake of asking her what type of party she wanted. “I want a rock n’ roll tea party” she said. Not quite sure what the heck she meant by that, but I channeled my inner Martha and came up a couple of ideas that seemed to go over pretty well.

Invitations were zebra and hot pink. Very cute.

Then, what to do for the cake. She’s a wild woman. She needed a wild cake. Now I’m not, by any means, a cake decorator. I do ok, but nothing bakery worthy by any stretch. So after looking around I decided to try a cake tattoo. Duff Goldman rocks, by the way. It was so easy and his fondant was pretty yummy too. If you want to impress, these are the way to do it.

Goody bags buckets were hot pink, lined with black tissue paper and filled with Pop Rocks, rock candy, feather boas, fake neon hair scrunchies, tattoos, beads, bracelets, star shaped sunglasses and “thank you” popcorn balls.

We did face painting and gave the girls real feather hair extensions. The girls were amazingly quiet while decorating their inflatable guitars with stickers and highlighters. And lastly, we took some pictures in front of the “concert stage”.

All in all, I think they had a good time. I know Nina was just thrilled with all her decorations and her friends being there.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year.

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