It’s the Playoffs Baby!

Boston is a super hot sports town. We totally take our sports teams seriously. Totally!

Around here, seasons are determined by who’s playing what as well as by the foliage and the first Spring ride on the Swan Boats.

For Boston sports fans, this is a busy week. Tonight is the first game of the Bruins Playoffs against the Washington Capitals (You’re goin down Ovechkin!) and tomorrow is Opening Day at Fenway Park for the Red Sox.

Are you ready Bruins fans? Can we do it again?

Here are ten things to do in preparation for and during the playoffs.

1. Kiss your wife. If she is not used to you looking like Grizzly Adams, she won’t want to kiss you until the playoffs are over.
2. Shave your face. Yep, right now. before the game. Get it nice and smooth because if things go our way, you won’t be doing it for quite some time. Check out the official rules here
3. Showers are not optional! Just because you smell bad does not make you any luckier.
4. Stock up on cold beer and snacks!
5. Get out the face (or belly) paint! Show your spirit!
6. Devise a menu of all food and drinks that are black and yellow, This is a must.
7. Check out Bear and the Gang.
8. Get your rest and take a multi. Playoffs are emotionally and physically grueling. Not just for the players! A lot of late nights, parties, beer and snacks can really take its toll on a body!
9. Don’t forget the designated driver. It’s better if they are a fan of the other team, so when they lose (and they will), you can mock them as they drive your drunk ass around.
10. Go to and “Grow One for the Team”. If you’re going to grow one anyway, you might as well do it for a good cause. This year’s pledges will go the Boston Bruins Foundation. Check it out guys!

Go B’s! We’re rooting for ya!

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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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