Wednesday’s Wrap…Egg Salad

You either love egg salad, or you don’t. I love egg salad. I love the week after Easter. I know what’s on the menu that week. It is so easy and pretty healthy too. Even though there is mayo, it’s a pretty small amount. I use light mayo anyway.

I make a batch of hard boiled eggs on Sunday. I peel them and keep them in the fridge. They’re ready at a moment’s notice when your belly gets rumbling and you need some protein. STAT! And great to throw in your purse if you are running out the door and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast.

P.S. don’t forget it in your purse, unless of course, you would like people to leave you alone. Not that I have ever done this mind you. [ahem]

I go old school with my egg salad. Simple. No frills.

1 hard boiled egg
2 tsp. mayo
chopped sweet onion
a little chopped celery
salt and pepper to taste
Rolled up in a multigrain wrap with some fresh greens, of course.

I think it’s one of those inherited recipes though. The kind you were brought up with. The same recipe your mom used to pack in your paper lunch sack. I typically don’t go searching for an egg salad recipe.

But if you were so inclined to make a change from your old standby family recipe, you can find all sorts of variations here and here and I imagine a zillion other places.

How do you make your egg salad? Do tell. I would love to hear some of the wacky things you use. Dill pickle? Capers? Egg whites only? Bacon? I always find it amazing how many different ways you can make one simple dish.

Is this a family recipe or something you throw together?

Let me know. I’d be willing to try some new recipes.

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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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