Really? Two weeks?


Has anyone else uttered these words recently? I’m sure you have.

Well, we got back from a wonderful trip to Disney World last week. I know, you don’t feel bad for me…wait, I’m not done.

So, as I was saying, Disney was wonderful. Not really restful, but a pretty close to perfect trip with the family. We had been planning this trip for a long time, and we really deserved it after the shit storm that was 2011 and 2012!

But, now here I am, two weeks away from Christmas. Here’s my list of things I haven’t done yet.

I have not bought one single present. Yup, not one!
I have not ordered my Christmas cards. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I even had a picture to put on one.
I have not set my menu for Christmas Eve Open House.
I have not looked at my children’s wish lists
I have not put one second of thought into my husband’s present. Although he gets screwed constantly, so he should be used to it. We wrapped up a pair of his jeans for his birthday, if that gives you any idea. He deserves better. I can hear his “I don’t get no respect” Rodney Dangerfield imitation in my head as I write this.
I have not come up with homemade gift ideas yet and certainly have not purchased packaging for said gifts.

I have put up the tree and the candles and the big wreath. Amazing.

This wouldn’t be so horrible if I wasn’t “someone please shoot me” sick.

I started with sinus issues about a day after I got home. Here I am a week later, with a sore throat like I’ve never experienced, congestion, chills, body aches. You name it, except for a fever. No fever. Go figure.

I am living off soup and tea because I can’t swallow anything solid, but I really want a piece of pizza that hubby is bringing home with him for the kids so I wouldn’t have to cook. See, told you he deserves better.

So, I took a nap after getting the kids off the bus and now am sitting in my sexy fleece nightgown and long johns pondering if I can get all my shopping done online tonight, have the party catered, skip the cards, hire a cleaning lady, painfully choke down a slice of pizza and get to bed by 10 p.m.

What d’ya think? It is a magical season. Anything’s possible.

What do you still have on your list?


About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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