I know it’s January 4th. I’m finally sharing my resolutions for the new year. I’m late as usual. If you’re wondering, working on my tardiness is not one of my New Year’s resolutions. I find it to be one of my endearing qualities.

I always think of a new year as a new opportunity. A chance to start fresh. A time to look within and make improvements. Right the wrongs. Change for the better.

Preparing resolutions can be tough. It forces you to focus on all the negative things about yourself. If you aren’t careful you can get yourself awful depressed.

This year I didn’t want to focus on my negative qualities. I’ve done that for way to many years. I wanted to focus on improving my quality of life. How to have more quality time with my family and friends. How to be healthier. How to be a better giver. A better human.

Here are 2013 goals for the new year. Some general, some specific.

1. Organize. Without mastering this, I cannot accomplish any other goals on this list
2. Clean out the clutter at home and at work
3. Eat healthier
4. Write more
5. Worry less
6. Try yoga
7. Mail cookies to a soldier
8. Accept a compliment
9. Stop being so hard on myself
10. Actually make some of the thinks I “Pin”
11. Start Christmas in July
12. Kayak foliage tour on the river
13. Create character in our home

Each of these will have a plan. A road map to success, if you will.

I’m glad you are along for the ride. Journeys are no fun alone.

Happy New Year!

About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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3 Responses to Resolutions

  1. tricia c. says:

    #’s 1, 2,3, 10, 11 and 14 are all on my list too! Sometimes I think the only way I will ever get organized and conquer the clutter is if we move into a house with more storage capacity. It is so hard not to have a basement, everything seems to spill out into the laundry room or the garage. ugh! Good Luck, we’ll motivate eachother! Happy New Year!

    • cluttercafe says:

      Sweet Trricia, I need a teammate! I’ll share my first de-clutter challenge. For the entire month of January each member of the family has to get rid of at least 10 things a day. TThey can donate, sell or throw out. Doesn’t matter, it just has to go. It has been working really well. It gets the kids involved too. Try it with me! Let me know how you do. It’s amazing how much crap you get rid of. Just one drawer at a time!

      • tricia c. says:

        We’ve gotten rid of bags upon bags of stuff! And sadly there is still more!! All the good stuff I’ve unearthed (read: toys that the kids got for birthday presents that are still in the shrink wrap) are in boxes for a garage sale I”m planning in April to raise $$ for D’s baseball team to play in a tournament in Disney.

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