Cake Balls


My co-workers have been challenging me lately with requests for their favorite cakes. This last one was kind of generic…Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I probably should have started the chocolate/chocolate craze (I have three more coming soon) with a good, solid chocolate cake, but I wanted to do something a little different. I was also short on time this week, so I needed something simple, yet sinful.

Devil’s food cake balls were a perfect choice. They are simple, decadent, rich and delicious. If you have never had a cake ball, you must make these immediately. If you are not a “baker”, you must make these immediately. They are so easy a child can make them. Seriously. Ask my kids. I make these for pretty much every party and they are always devoured and I am always hounded for the recipe.

So, if you haven’t seen them all over the web, here’s how to wow all your friends. Get creative. Use some different flavor combinations. Here are some of my favorites.

Yellow cake mixed with vanilla frosting coated in milk chocolate
Spice cake mixed with cream cheese frosting coated in white chocolate
Lemon cake mixed with cream cheese frosting coated in white chocolate
Red velvet mixed with cream cheese frosting coated in white chocolate

Here’s how to make em.

Bake your favorite cake mix according to the package in a large sheet pan.
Set aside to cool.
Once cooled. Use a potato masher, or a fork or your hands and mash it all up until it is just a pan of crumbs.
Add 1 can of your favorite frosting and mash it up until it is all incorporate.
Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper and scoop mixture into 1″ balls using an ice cream scoop.
Roll in your hands (like a meatball)to shape and place in the freezer to firm up, approximately half hour to an hour (or frankly, whenever you get to them)
When ready to dip, use melting chips or good quality chocolate, melted in a double boiler. Do not put the balls directly into the melted chocolate, it gets messy. I use a large 2-tine fork to hold the ball then using a spoon, pour chocolate over to coat. Then slide the ball off back onto the cookie sheet or another sheet of waxed paper to harden.
You can chill them in the refrigerator or just leave them out to harden. Putting them in the fridge gives them a harder shell though.

That’s it! You can’t get much easier than that. Enjoy!


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