Boston United


Monday’s events seem so surreal. I am having a difficult time gathering my thoughts and emotions. Feelings of tremendous grief, anger, fear and sadness. As well as pride in our city and the people who serve and protect it for their amazing response.

The bombings here in Boston were horrifying. The fact that they happened so close to home, makes it even harder to swallow. We are inundated with news. On the television, on the radio, and with stories from those who were there. We had friends who were running and their families who were waiting.

It seems there are these tragic events that happen in our lives that you remember forever. They are etched so deeply in our minds and spirits that we vividly remember every detail of how they unfolded, like it happened only moments before.

September 11, 2001

The Space Shuttle explosion

President Reagan assassination attempt

These are a few I can recall with that type of detail.

Sadly, there are more.

As I sit here writing, I am struggling to think of happy moments that have left their mark as deep. Is it that the reprehensible events take root in our hearts more so than the extraordinary ones?

I challenge you to sit back and remember the amazing, wonderful events in your life and the feelings you had while experiencing them. Where were you? Who was there? Recall the smells or the tastes. Allow your senses to take you back.

It’s difficult to find any positive in a tragedy such as this. And to those families personally devastated, that may be forever an impossibility.

But, as there is down, there is up. Where there is evil, there is good.

There are as many stories of heroics at the marathon as there are the continuous stream of graphic images. That is where I am choosing to focus. Those are the stories I will share with my children.

An acquaintance of ours, an ex Army Ranger, had just crossed the finish line when the first bomb went off. He turned around and ran back to help the victims. Aiding first responders as best he could.

Strangers offering shelter, bathrooms, telephones and computers for people on the street so they could attempt to reach their loved ones.

Emergency Medical Staff and people on the street responding to those injured within seconds.

My heart goes out to all those who were personally affected by this senseless act of violence. Especially those who lost loved ones, were physically hurt, or emotionally scarred by what they witnessed. They will need lots of prayers and assistance.

Governor Deval Patrick has set up The One Fund to donate money that will directly help those most affected by this event.

Even if you can’t afford a monetary donatation, I am asking, in honor of those amazing heroes, that you pay it forward today with a random act of kindness.

I’d love for you to share. Not for the recognition, but just because kindness is contagious.

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