Happy Birthday To Me!


Well, today is my birthday. Today I am 42. Not only is it my birthday, it is my blogiversary. Cluttercafe is 2 years old! Two years ago I started this site as a way to express my creativity and document my journey to a “simpler, less-cluttered” life.

Yeah, well that didn’t happen. Sorry folks. As a matter of fact, today is not my birthday…It was Monday. My drawers are still a mess. My kitchen island, or as we like to call it “Clutter Island” is still a catch-all. I still can’t quite close the toy box lid no matter how hard I try and I am pretty much still chasing my tail and the cuter, tinier tails of my kids most of the time.

But even though I haven’t “perfected” myself, I can still say there has been some growth in me. Most importantly, I didn’t quit. I quit a lot of stuff. Like my diet, my exercise routine, spring cleaning. You get the picture. Although several times stopping blogging at The Cafe had crossed my mind, I stuck with it. I’m pretty sure quitting will cross my mind again, at some time. As a matter of fact, I’ve thought about it at least 147 times in the past three days.

For my day, I made this cake. It was delicious. Even my son, who does not like chocolate, had a piece. Nina and I simply grabbed a fork. The pictures are not great. It was a bad picture-taking day. Sorry. Jump over here to the Portuguese Girl Cooks and check out the recipe (and her lovely pictures). Funny that this cake was also fo her second blogiversary. We must share the same chocolate dreams.

That being said, here I am. Once again I will do my best to share some good recipes, some good stories, some organizational tips, some deep thoughts and whatever else pops into my harried, little brain. I hope this year will be even better. I have some new goals and ideas to share. I hope you like them. What am I saying? I hope I actually get to them! Just being real people.

Thank you all for joining me. Because I love you, because I live at Target, because it’s was my birthday/blogiversary, I am raffling off a $20 Target gift card to one lucky reader. Disclaimer: This is my first giveaway. I have never done this before. Please remember you love me and forgive me for any screw ups that may occur.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Ellen! Your Target card is on the way!


About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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14 Responses to Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Catherine Byrne says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Rich, dark, chocolate cake. Fantastic choice for a birthday cake! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary!

  3. Megan Sirois says:

    The cake looks amazing (kinda jealous you didn’t bring a piece in to work!!) lol I have never met such a more hard working, motivated and busy person than you.. Your blog has given me a positive outlook that no matter how busy life gets, don’t give up on things you love.. I’m so happy you didn’t quit this blog, so many yummy foods and real life stories of being a great mom!! 🙂

    Ps.. Happy birthday (again) and happy anniversary to cluttercafe!!!!!

    • cluttercafe says:

      Thanks Megan! I’m glad I inspire you! I am my own worst critic. That Taylor Swift song “Mean” is speaking of the voice in my head. I totally appreciate the positive feedback. It means the world to me!

  4. Danielle says:

    Happy happy birthday and a big CONGRATULATIONS on your blogiversary, too! I also vote for you to keep going with the blog and keep entertaining us with your recipes and musings and organization projects. The real stuff is the good stuff!!

    • cluttercafe says:

      Thanks Danielle! As long as you keep reading! Hope you signed up for the giveaway. I have decided to change the format a bit and put more emphasis on healthy cooking. I made your mom some chia seed triple berry pudding today and we enjoyed a stress management seminar at work. I have a very strong desire to improve my quality of life…today at least. One day at a time. I was on your site last night and loved the letter to the CEO of A&F. I can spend hours on there! There is so much info! I will be sharing it next week. I have a few healthy posts in the works. Thanks for being a loyal reader and sharing with others!

  5. Livivua Chandler says:

    Classic Waffles with Fresh Strawberries
    Thanks for the chance! Happy Annivesary

  6. Courtney Deschenes says:

    Awww I was hoping you were raffling off a cake and my birthday is Friday! In which I probably won’t get a cake. You know men, they don’t think about that stuff. I like to read that my island isn’t the only cluttered one! Now I don’t feel so bad! Also, my toy box is overflowing and it’s a Rubbermaid container lol! Well happy anniversary! I need to get the recipe for that Mac and cheese too! I enjoy reading your “clutter cafe.”

    • cluttercafe says:

      Thanks for the comment. I will post my mac and cheese recipe this week. It is really good. And healthy too…NOT! Happy birthday! Do what I do with my husband, send him an email and tell him what you what. I usually put links right in there too so he can just click and buy. No returns. No hassles. He’s happy he doesn’t have to think about it and I get exactly what I want. Or you can go the hard route and start a blog, make him follow it and post subtle hints. That’s been working for me. LOL!

  7. Renée Marsh Kelly says:

    HUGz to you Lisa!! I love following your blog. I know I’m a a bit late…but Happy Birthday!! I hope your day was amazing and filled with lots o’ love 🙂 And don’t worry about “Clutter Island” and all the rest…you may not have fulfilled your journey to de-clutter the way you had anticipated when you began but your blog is a work from the heart and a journey of growth. And we all know that it doesn’t happen overnight for any of us. So sit back…sip a cup of tea…nibble something yummy and smile at your “Clutter Island” and enjoy it. Some day the “reasons” for the clutter will move on in their own journey of life and you will miss the clutter. ❤

    • cluttercafe says:

      OK Renee, I’m crying. Thanks a lot! You ae so right about it all. I’m so glad you took time to write this and that you are one of my loyal readers. It means a lot to me.

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