Almost Homemade Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Almost Homemade Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Almost Homemade Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Did everyone have a lovely weekend?

Here in New England it was a balmy 97 degrees. Our first official heat wave of the season. And I’ve got to tell you, I’m already “all set” with Summer. I hate the humidity. Let me rephrase. My hair hates the humidity. Wearing a baseball cap at work doesn’t fly, so I have to tolerate my overly frizzy, Little Orphan Annie hairstyle. Straightening doesn’t work. Anti-frizz hair products don’t work. The hat is the only answer. Or a razor, but I’m not there yet. A couple more heatwaves and we’ll see.

So, when I wasn’t paying my youngest child to fan my face and bring me cool drinks, I decided to make some salsa and head to my mom’s pool. Poolside with some crispy chips and this delicious, hearty salsa and an ice cold drink…Now that’s what I’m talkin about.

This salsa is easy, man. E-Z! It is jarred salsa with a couple of tweaks. This is my go-to recipe to bring to a pool party. You can make it in advance or throw it together right before you go. It’s good either way. I usually have this stuff on hand, well maybe not the cilantro, but all the other stuff. I used the cheap store brand salsa. No need to spend extra money on a more expensive brand. As a matter of fact, the cheaper the better I think, as you want the other add-ins to add the flavor. I use a mixture of mild and hot salsa and it gives it a perfect heat for me. Feel free to go either mild/mild or hot/hot depending on your preference. You can also add more cilantro if you wish, I’m not a huge cilantro fan, so simply adjust to your taste.

So whip some of this stuff together, go get your suit on and chill out by the pool.

1 jar mild AND 1 jar hot salsa
1 can (14.5 oz) sweet corn niblets
1 can (15 oz) Black beans, rinsed and drained
1/2 c chopped cilantro, plus more for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a Tupperware type container and give it a shake. Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator until ready to use. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips.



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