It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

No, I’m not kidding! I am counting down the days until Christmas. My inbox has been bombarded by Christmas in July sales, and it got me thinking about Christmas. Thank you corporate marketing.

Every December I feel the stress, as I am sure many of you do. There are cards to be sent, gifts to buy or bake or make, decorations to be put up and parties to attend. Each year it seems to get busier and more stressful. I always say I’m going to plan ahead, but never do. Which inevitably leaves me scrambling at the eleventh hour for gifts or groceries and whatnot.

I used to love the Christmas season. The past couple of years, it has just been a chore. I get tired, sick, cranky and short-tempered. I don’t have time to put together homemade gifts, bake cookies for the neighbors, attend a holiday party or just sit by the tree with the family and watch It’s a Wonderful Life. All of which I enjoy doing.

So, this year, with the help of all those nagging e-mails, I decided to tackle Christmas early. I am making lists and getting down to business. I found this plan and I think it is just the thing I need to keep me on track. There are weekly calendars, lists, lists and more lists. This plan offically starts in September, but I’m getting started now.

Reason being, I really want to put a lot of effort (not necessarily money) into my gifts this year. I also want to give myself a gift of being less stressed so I can plan some fun events with my family. Our kids are only young once. I want them to have fond memories as they grow. Not pictures of a frazzled, lunatic running around yelling at everyone. Not that I do this mind you, just sayin.

This week I am working on a complete gift list. Typically I scratch a list down somewhere and yes, then I lose it and start another one. I’m going hi-tech this year. Here is an article from December with a few gift giving apps I will check them out this week and give you my faves in a while. I always have my phone, so this should allow me to stay on top of things, so if I find the perfect gift for someone, I’ll know if I already purchased something, or it isn’t in the budget.

I also have a new jewlery making fetish, so I will be taking an online class at Craftsy.

So, if any of you out there would like to join me in my quest for a peaceful holiday season, let me hear it! I would love to know what some of your Christmas “to do” wishes are and how you all get ready for your holidays, especially homemade gift ideas.

Happy Holidays!


About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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