Catching up

Oh my gosh, where do I start?

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind. Getting the kids ready to go back to school (anyone else hear the choirs of angels?), getting ready for a new hockey season, scheduling gymnastics classes, taking care of doctors appointments and dealing with the worst bout of bronchitis I have ever had.

Phew, let me catch me breath. No, literally. I am still not 100%, but finally starting to feel like I’m on the mend.

This is my first post in quite some time and I’ve got say, it has been a struggle to get back here. I have been unmotivated and completely uninspired. I have also been wondering, why I blog at all, as lately it seems like just another chore. I told my husband I was giving it up. If I couldn’t give it my all, I shouldn’t do it at all. Then I stopped and thought about how much joy I get from it, from all my reader comments and how much I have stepped out of my comfort zone in the kitchen because of it.

It brought a smile to my face. So, here I am.

So, while I get my feet wet again, for this post I’m just going to give you a rundown of what’s been going on and what’s on the agenda and go from there.

I haven’t been doing too much cooking lately. At one point, I don’t think I had even been to the grocery store.

But, last weekend, I started feeling a bit better and I went out and picked up some groceries. The family did a cheer that they wouldn’t have to eat take-out pizza again and I did some cooking. Nothing fancy or new for that matter, but it got me off the couch.

    Christmas Prep

I’ve been working on my Christmas lists and found an app that seems to be working pretty well so far. It does pretty much everything except fight for a spot at the mall. It’s called The Christmas List (who’d have thought?). And for 99 cents, it’s more than worth it. It does take some time to input all your gift recipients, but it will definitely keep you organized.

While looking for apps I came across The Dr. Seuss Camera and I had to have it. Just look at how stinking cute this is.
grinchapp. You may or may not see my kids posing as the Grinch and his adorable dog Max on this year’s Christmas cards. Although, I’m not sure which one of the kids would be the Grinch.

This week I am ordering supplies for some hand made bracelets and some hair accessories for Nina’s friends. I am also finalizing my food gift list and food packaging ideas.

I don’t know about you but I hate to give gift cards. They are so impersonal. Let me rephrase. I USED to hate gift cards. But as I review my list, I am realizing that the kids I used to buy toys for are now growing up and they like what they like. So a gift card may be exactly what they want. My goal is to find some clever ways of giving these cards.

Last year I used the Bilz Puzzle Box. My guests LOVED it! It got passed around the open house all night until someone got it to finally open. They have a new pinball puzzle that looks awesome that I may have to try this year.

    What’s going on now

Christmas aside, I am in full-on Fall mode. Pumpkins, apples, mums. Yeah baby! My absolute favorite time of the year. Right now I am all about redecorating on a shoestring, so I am planning on putting some Fall touches around the house. I’ll share some pics and maybe some how to’s in the near future.

You can follow my All Things Autumn and Halloween boards on Pinterest. They are loaded with Fall decor, recipes, fashion, adorable Halloween treats and maybe some tricks too.

Today I started the “Health Jar”. Every day I exercise I will put $1 in the jar. Every mile=$1 and every pound at the end of each week=$1. Yes, that also means every pound gained gets deducted. At the end of each month I get to treat myself to something nice. If I slack off, I may get a pack of gum. A good month may get me the new pair of Uggs I’m itching for. Wish me luck. I may incorporate a similar system for the kids. Nina could use some motivation to eat some new fruits and vegetables, and Andrew could benefit with some motivation for a little additional exercise and stick handling practice. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve got some great recipes to share this week too. I’m just trying to get my pictures together.

So, there you have it. Thanks for sticking around.

About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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6 Responses to Catching up

  1. kandee2013 says:

    Baby steps.
    I agree with you though … sometimes I wonder why I knock myself out to write, be creative and ‘try’ to enlighten, when I feel I’m not getting any feedback for my effort.
    But … I am new to this and, as such I have discovered … I like to write FOR ME!
    It’s a kind of therapy … soothing and gratifying at the same time. And … if someone LIKES what I’ve written … oh my gosh !!! It fills me with pride so …. just do what you can … FOR YOURSELF! And … btw … the Fall is my go-to-season … I just love it too !!! Stay hungry 🙂

    • cluttercafe says:

      You’re absolutely right. It is kind of like therapy. I do love to write, cook, bake, take pictures, etc. That is why I started this blog. And I have definitely grown with each post. I try to remember that it is for me, and if someone likes it, then even better. Thanks for reading and for the encouragement.

  2. kandee2013 says:

    Fight the good fight … 🙂

  3. BruCrew Life says:

    Hey there! Blogging can sometimes feel like a chore, but I’m glad you’re deciding to continue! 😉 I’m sure there are tons of people who love reading what you share! And thank you for listing the Christmas apps, I’m off to check them out right now!

    • cluttercafe says:

      Thanks Jocelyn! Bloggers like yourself inspire me to keep going. I am totally loving your blog! My daughter is already planning on making your peanut butter apple pizza. PB/A is one of the few healthy snacks she’ll eat. Thanks for all the great recipes and motivation to keep it up!

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