What are you watching?

Summer’s over. I don’t know about you but I am in desperate need of the new Fall lineup to come on. I have watched way too many reruns at this point.

This Fall has quite a few new shows I am looking forward to. Here’s my Fall calendar.

Sunday Once Upon A Time…I have been waiting for return of this show. It got a bit confusing for awhile, but reviews are saying they are getting back to some core characters. Fingers crossed they will get back on their game. It’s getting hard to explain it to the husband. (September 29, ABC)

Homeland…This returning drama gets rave reviewes from pretty much everyone. I have not seen it, but I may hit On Demand to play catch up. If it’s a go, this will be scheduled DVR. (September 29, Showtime)

Hostages…This looks intrigueing. They call it “Downton Abbey meets 24”. Hmm. We’ll see. (September 23, CBS)

Mom…Anna Faris is comic genius and Allison Janney is always great. (September 23, CBS)

Sleepy Hollow…I love these fairytale meet real world shows. I’ll give this one a shot. It may be a little too dark for me. We’ll see. ( September 16, Fox)

Tuesday Brooklyn Nine-Nine…It’s pretty funny. It’s kind of like if the The Office took place in a police station. Andy Samberg makes me laugh, and some of the other characters are a hoot. You can tell it is written by the same guys who do Parks and Recreation. (September 17, Fox)

Dads..I watched the premier last night. It had some laughs, but I’m not sure this one will make my lineup. We’ll see. (September 17, Fox)

Trophy Wife…On Demand had the pilot last week (it premiers September 24) and it cracked me up. Malin Ackerman is a really talented comedienne. I thought she was hysterical in The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller (rent it for some rude humor if you haven’t seen it). The actors personalities are so diverse, and I love the family dynamics. Really funny. (September 24, ABC)

The Goldbergs…Add Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Wendy McLendon-Covey (Bridesmaids) and the 80’s. I’m all in! (September 24, ABC)

Super Fun Night…I’ll give Rebel a shot. She plays a kind of underdog character, and I like those types. She seems like she’s a “keepin it real” kind of girl. I’m a fan of hers. (October 2, ABC)

The X Factor…We call this one “Fall Idol” in our house. I love singing competetions. I love when a voice can make me cry or give me goosebumps. I always cry when the Dad’s cry. I’m a sap. Some of the talent is truly amazing. (September 11, Fox)

The Michael J. Fox Show…I’m so happy to see him back. I love that he can find humor in something so awful. I also like that it isn’t a show about his Parkinson’s. It doesn’t define who he is. (September 26, NBC)

The Big Bang Theory…A favorite. I watch it pretty much every night in syndication. I love Mayim Bialek in her role as Amy Farrah-Fowler. She makes the show for me lately. She needs an award. And Sheldon, well what can I say? (September 26, CBS)

Welcome to the Family…The pilot was pretty good for this show (thank you On Demand). I love the interaction of the two families, the difference in philosophies and personalities. (October 3, NBC)

Sean Saves the World…This isn’t at the top of my must watch list, but I like Sean Hayes, so I’ll take a peek. I may be pleasantly surprised. (October 3, NBC)

Masterchef Junio…I love grown up Masterchef, so this has to be great, right? The bigger appeal…Andrew wants to watch it with me…aw. (September 27, Fox)

America’s Next Top Model…I have been watching this show since Season One. I hate the drama and petty fights. I like the photography, the makeup, the makeovers and the fashion. I’ve got to say, I do not like the new format of men and women. It was obviously thrown in to add some sexual tension to the mix. I usually just watch the photoshoot, the photo reveal and the elimination. I could really care less about who’s digging who. Besides that, they are all way too shallow and not to be too judgemental (but I’m going to be) , but they all seem like a bunch of dullards. I am not digging any of the contestants this season. Sorry Tyra.

My DVR will be working overtime for awhile.

What’s in your lineup?

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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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4 Responses to What are you watching?

  1. durkin says:

    Love Homeland! you need to binge watch to catch up!

  2. kristen says:

    I get like five channels and none of us watch much tv BUT we do watch the Discovery Channel and I never get tired of Chopped or Master Chef. We are looking forward to The Middle and Walking Dead. I can’t commit to anything else cuz I have no way of taping!

    • cluttercafe says:

      I haven’t watched Chopped yet. The Middle is funny. It’s one of those I catch sometimes. I’ve got to say, The Walking Dead gives me nightmares something aweful! We had started watching it, and I enjoyed the acting and the story, but the gore really gets to me. Anytime I catch it, I end up dreaming of being chased by zombies all night. Totally not worth it. Apparently all I need are laughs, good food and fairytales to make me happy. I’m simple.

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