Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell you So!


Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since last Wednesday. That evening, I made an early dinner for the kids and got Nina ready for bed early, so I could have a quiet dinner with the husband.

No sooner had I put dinner on the table, there was a loud thud and a blood-curdling scream from upstairs. I ran up the stairs two at a time and found Nina lying in her bed cradling her leg, crying hysterically.

“What happened?!” I asked.

“I wasn’t doing anything!” Yeah right. She was obviously doing the thing she has been told more than once not to do. The thing that she has been explicitly warned of what can happen if she does this. The thing that makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Once I knew she did “the thing” I knew it had to be broken. There was no doubt.

So, off we went to the emergency room for x-rays and, sure enough, it was broken. She was splinted and sent home so we could follow-up with the orthopedic doctor in the morning for the cast.

Oh and what a cast it is! It goes from her toes to her thigh. But at least it’s hot pink and “Fashionable!”. She’s all about the fashion people. I tried to get her to go for green so we could decorate it like a Christmas tree, but she wasn’t having it. There goes my holiday card photo op!

When the doctor asked how she did it, she stuck to her story, “I was just resting in bed and my bones broke”. He turned his head to look at me, trying his best not to laugh. Then I told him the story and even he cringed a little bit.

Are you ready to hear it? It’s pretty gross. If not, stop reading. Here goes…

She put one foot on top of the headboard of her bed and the other on the mattress so she could hop. She hopped a bit too high causing her foot to slide over the top of the headboard and get stuck between the wall and the headboard. Then she fell and snapped her shin about an inch below her knee. Cringing yet? I throw up a little just thinking about it.

She is doing well. Learning to adapt to life in a wheelchair. Crutches are very tricky as the cast is like half her body weight. Needless to say,we are doing a lot of tv watching and crafts.

Good thing I have NONE of my Christmas shopping done! Oy…

If you have any thoughts on keeping an active 7-year-old from getting bored to death (and keeping her mother’s sanity) I’d love to hear them!

Happy Holidays!

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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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3 Responses to Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell you So!

  1. ellen says:

    Cringed for sure. Bring her over to see the chickies. wish I new. She would have loved it today when I cleaned them out, they were free in the garage. Do the shopping on line if ya know what you need.

  2. tricia says:

    strap her into a sled and give her a hockey stick and a helmet and send her and Andrew out on a frozen pond. She’ll be “skating” laps around him in a matter of minutes, LOL!

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