28 Days to a Healthy Heart: Day 17


Hey there!

Wondering where I’ve been? Did you think I gave up? Threw in the towel? I sorta did and sorta didn’t. Let me start from the beginning. Last month I was having weird pains in my chest. So I did the worst thing anyone can do and I hit the internet for some answers. Bad idea! If you want peace of mind, cyberspace is NOT the place to go. You will have yourself diagnosed with pretty much everything after a couple of minutes of searching your symptoms.

What I did find was the Heart Challenge and I realized that even being nervous about the health of my heart was enough for me to take some action. So I have been following the challenge and so far it’s been pretty helpful

Remember Day 4: Schedule a Physical? I scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist due to aforementioned chest pain and saw him last week. It was an eye-opening experience. And since I love you, I’ll share. Because if you haven’t scheduled your appointment, maybe you will.

In a nutshell, my blood pressure was high and my EKG was abnormal. I have white coat syndrome, so the elevated blood pressure wasn’t a shock. He told me he wanted to do a stress test and that until then he didn’t want me to exercise. Instantly the panic set in and if my blood pressure wasn’t high enough at the time, it went up more, I’m sure when they told me the next appointment was in 2 weeks.

Now ladies, I’m all for women’s lib and all that jazz, but sometimes you just have to pull out all the stops a girl has. For me, that’s tears. Tears works wonders! Needless to say, I had an appointment the very next morning for labs and a nuclear stress test, which should show exactly what was going on.

8:00 a.m. the next day I arrived, my blood pressure was good (nurses were wearing bright colors…no white lab coats!) and I took my test, which showed that I did indeed need blood pressure medication but my stress test looked good. The pain in my chest was believed to be muscular, probably from lugging my daughter and her gigantic cast around for weeks and apparently an abnormal EKG is pretty normal for me. Go figure.

*Sigh of relief*

My question to the doctor immediately was, “How do I get off the medicine?”

“Take off some significant weight and relax”.

Duh. I’m working on it, but now with a much more sense of urgency than before.

So there! If you haven’t made that appointment. Please go do it! Not only is it important to your physical health, but important for you mentally. I was emotionally being held back when I exercised for fear I would push my heart too far. Now I am free to physically exert myself and break through the walls that was stuck behind. The fear and anxiety are gone and I feel a great relief.

Here is a bit of a catch up for the days I missed. Well, I didn’t miss them, I just didn’t post them.

Day 11: Calculate your BMI…Check (but I’m not telling)
Day 12: Share you favorite inspirational quote…”A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” or pretty much anything that came out of Eleanor Roosevelt’s mouth
Day 13: Give the elevator a day off and take the stairs…Always!
Day 14: Protect your sweetheart’s heart. Plan a healthy date…does napping count? I think so.
Day 15: Saturday Night Fever! Dance to your favorite song…Pul-leaze! I am a dancing fool!
Day 16: Stress less! Practice mindful mediation for 10 minutes…10 minutes workouts on On Demand has some great relaxation sessions. I try to do one every day.
Day 17: Give meatless Monday a try! Sorry meatloaf is on the menu tonight, no pre-planning. How about Steak-free Saturday or Squash Sunday? We’ll see.

So there it is. Not much more to go. Stay tuned for tomorrow, Add a stretch break to your calendar. I’m going to have to elaborate on that. I stretch daily. How about stretching with bands? Ooooooh yeah, that’s a bit different.

See you tomorrow!

About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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