28 Days To A Healthy Heart: Day 26 Make 1/2 Your Plate Vegetables


So here we are at Day 26! The finish line is in sight. But really, it isn’t. For me, the #MYHEART28 challenge was just a starting point for a healthier me. And hopefully a healthier you too.

Today is about getting in your veggies. They say we need five servings a day, but some now say nine a day. That’s a lot of veggies! For me, this is easy. I love my fruits and veggies. But many don’t. I live with a few, actually.

Here are some helpful ways to squeeze in your daily allowance.

1. Make fruit salad. If it’s all ready to go, you have few excuses.
2. Make a bowl of fruit part of your decor. A bowl of apples on the table is hard to pass by.
3. Toss some fruit into your breakfast. Bananas in your cereal, blueberries in your pancakes, whatever.
4. Throw some veggies in your omelet or frittata
5. Crunch on a green salad. Use a nutrient-rich green like baby spinach or kale
6. Pair fruit with cheese. Apples, pears and grapes are great choices
7. Munch on dried fruit. They are easy to grab on your way out. just watch the calories!
8. Add veggies you like to dishes you love.
9. Spoon up some soup. Satiating and healthy. Just watch the sodium if you are eating canned.
10. Drink your vegetables (and fruits). “I shoulda had a V-8!
11. Vegi-fy your pizza. Skip the pepperoni and sausage and add some veggies
12. Toss some on the grill. Any veggie is good on the grill. Fruits like pineapple are great too.
13. Get them at the drive-through. You can get a salad with low fat dressing instead of a burger
14. Dress up your dinner plate with fruit. Add a little color garnish. YUM!
15. Drizzle on some cheese sauce. My kids will gobble up their broccoli if it has a bit of cheese melted on top.
16. Serve your veggies raw. A little low fat Ranch dip goes a long way with my daughter. She’s a big dipper!
17. Keep fruit in heavy rotation. Keep it handy and they’ll eat it
18. Have prepared fruits and veggies ready to go in the fridge. Again, if it’s handy, they’ll go for it!
19. Try a little salt. Cooking fresh vegetables in a little salt water is a great flavor enhancer
20. Sneak in some fruit into your baking. Applesauce, prunes and zucchini are great for reducing fat and keeping things moist.

What are your favorite tricks for sneaking in some fruits and veggies. Any favorite recipes? I’d love to hear them.


About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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2 Responses to 28 Days To A Healthy Heart: Day 26 Make 1/2 Your Plate Vegetables

  1. Great tips, Lisa! This time of year I like to roast a ton of veggies (beets, radish, cauliflower, carrots, onions) and toss them in everything – eggs, stir-fries, salads – or just have them on hand as a side dish.

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