Day 4: New Nail and Lip Color Shopping

Peach of Cake Sally Hanson Complete Manicure

Peach of Cake Sally Hanson Complete Manicure

Time to shop ladies! A new polish and lip color can bring out a whole new you. This time of year your skin color is changing and a new lighter, brighter color can be just the pick-me-up you need. Even though you should typically take your skin tone into consideration, summertime is for fun. So take full advantage of the trends. I love the rainbow of colors that are out now, but I also love the glitter! I’m like a child. Oh how I love shiny things! Nina and I have matching glittery toes right now. Just sayin.

But if you are more reserved and typically wouldn’t wear mint green or a hot neon on your nails, this is the time of year to try something new. Go ahead!

How about just using those colors on your tips for a funky French? Or a half moon mani? Don’t forget, the classics never go out

I love the Sally Hanson Total Manicure Line. Love, love, love it! It dries super fast and stays on really good. I am a huge fan of their nude shades. They are so very pretty. Also, very reasonably priced at somewhere around $5.00. Sometimes, if my nails are bare, I may just throw a quick coat on while I’m running out of the house waiting for coffee at the drive-thru.

But I wanted a little color. This is “Peach of Cake” and it looks a little lighter than it actually is. It is light but bright. I love the coral colors and they go well with my skin tone. I try to stay in the warm color family as cool colors tend to make “mature” hands look older. No thank you!

I had just bought a new lip gloss, so I really didn’t need one. That being said, a girl can never have too many lip glosses. Why do you think Lip Smackers come in packs of ten assorted flavors. I really don’t like lipstick at all. I hate how it tastes. Yuck! I like a yummy, fruity, shimmery gloss that plumps my lips up. You know I love my Baby Lips. I must have 10 or 12 of them floating around between my purse and the car. I love the shades and the fact that they contain sunscreen. Not just because it’s summer. Your lips need to be protected year round. Check them out in the Maybelline section. They come out with new colors and flavors all the time.

Tomorrow is DIY manicure day. While you are picking your new, edgy shade of polish you may want to pick up some cuticle remover (if you don’t have any), a good quality nail file, a cuticle pusher or orangewood sticks, cotton pads and polish remover, so you are fully prepared. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a dry brush and a bag of epsom salts if you haven’t done it yet.

Happy shopping!


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