Weekend Recap, Yoga and Procrastinating

Photo and article: MindBodyGreenDaily
Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a lovely summery weekend and are refreshed and ready for a productive week ahead.

This weekend I asdvised you to eat dessert first. How many times have you gone out for dinner and ate so much you didn’t have any room left for dessert?

Having dessert first takes care of that problem. I love dessert. I have a sweet tooth. Big time! My mother came up with a genious idea. Once a month or so, she goes out with friends to grab a pastry and a coffee at this little Italian cafe in downtown Newburyport. Then they stroll around the quaint specialty shops and street vendors or just take a walk along the pier. After that it’s dinner time, a light dinner of drinks and appetizers or soup and a salad at one of the phenomenal restaurants there. I wholeheartedly suggest you give this idea a try. It’s a nice change, and you won’t miss out on dessert.

Sunday was World Oceans Day. Are you a seafood lover? Click here to see how you can make better choices for our oceans. You can find also find a free app from Seafood Watch to find a convenient list of sustainable seafood. Click here for a list of ocean-friendly recipes from the New England Aquarium.

Monday morning yoga. Did you give it a try? I actually did a pilates video instead. I’ve got to say, my core is feeling it. It feels gooooooood. If you are interested, here is a good link to some good morning yoga moves to start your day. This is one of my favorite sites lately. Spend some time there. Lots of great information.

So, how’s your challenge going so far? Have you done any of the challenges? Or at least dedicated twenty minutes a day to do something for you? Just you! Because even taking twenty minutes to do something you love but don’t often allow yourself to do, will make you feel happy. And remember, happy is beautiful.

That being said, I had a bad day on Sunday. I forgot something very important someone once said to me, which I will share at a later time. But let me just say, you can never undo, or unsay, but you can move on and let it go and make it better.

We’re all human and we’re not perfect. We just have to be the best we can be. Phew, glad that’s off my chest.

Today, although it says facial (we’re doing that on Friday, I screwed up on my list) I think I’m going to do something that I have been putting off. Do you have something that has been nagging at you that you haven’t done? I’ve read that even a small thing that is plagueing your mind can increase stress, cause anxiety and increase blood pressure. It could be something simple like putting off asking for a raise or telling your signifcant other you screwed up plans. Or it could be a task you keep putting off. It doesn’t have to be huge either. Just something. It could be as simple as making a doctor’s appointment for your yearly physical, or going to the hairdresser, or trying one of the daily challenges that you really wanted to but didn’t get a chance. Or it could be starting a bigger task. Like painting a room, starting a garden, or writing a resume.

That’s the challenge I’m issuing you today. Let me know what your going to tackle.


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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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