Turn Hump Day into Pump Day! Strength Training



Fitness is not my forte. So, I am not going to pretend I know anything about it. I’m still confused as to what actually happens to the fat when you lose weight. Where does it go? Working out would be much more entertaining if fat cells screamed as they burned. Just sayin. I’m very complex, yet simple. And complex.

So, today I’m going to link you over to a couple of great articles on the subject. They really helped me make some sense of things. I am definitely going to start adding in the weights to my existing routine. Does not doing anything but saying you have a routine count as a routine? Sorry, thinking out loud.

Weights are the only thing I have not really given a fair shot. Maybe it will be just the thing to jumpstart my weightloss. Time to give it a shot.

Do you use weights in your workout regimen? What works for you? Do tell!

If you are blessed to have been given a new day, don’t waste it on “I’ll start tomorrow”. Today is my day. Is it yours too? I hope so. I could use the company.

Have a great workout! Work hard! Tomorrow you get to soak your feet.

Barbells and Bellinis


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