Day 16: Get Your Zzzzzzzzs


Did you know?

  • Research shows you sleep better during a new moon and worse during a full moon, although scientists don’t know why
  • We only dream of faces we have already seen, whether we actually remember them or not
  • Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep
  • Doing without sleep is likely to make you hungry as levels of leptin, an appetite suppressing hormone drop
  • 75% of us dream in color. Prior to color television only 15% did
  • It takes two weeks to die of starvation and only 10 days without sleep
  • Whales and dolphins, literally fall half asleep.  Each side of their brain takes turns to continue to breathe
  • Insomnia is a natural part of grieving. Taking sleeping pills can disrupt the process
  • Being awake for 16 hours straight decreases your performance as much as if your blood alcohol content was .05% (the legal limit is  .08%)
  • Dysania: the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. It may signal a nutritional disorder, depression or other medical cause
  • Sea otters hold hands when they fall asleep so they don’t drift.  aw
  • Tiredness peaks twice a day, at 2:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.
  • Within 5 minutes of waking up 50% of your dream is forgotten. After 10 minutes 90% is gone
  • Different age groups need different amounts of sleep. Babies: 16 hours, Ages 3-18: 10 hours, Ages 19-55: 8 hours, Over 65: 6 hours





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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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