Peepshows, cleavage and other things you may not know (or care to know) about me

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Did I catch your attention?

First, did you miss me? I know you did. I missed you too.

Well, I’m back. No excuses about life getting in the way, being too busy, sick, vacation blah, blah, blah, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

I’m just back. And things are changing around here. So sit back and enjoy.

I thought since I’m making a fresh start around here, I’d share some personal things. I was going to share ten things but then I got lazy. And really, how much do you need care to know? Hopefully you’ll share back and we can be like besties and we can hang out and brush each other’s hair and talk about boys and clothes and other major life events.

One person who shares five down and dirty things about themselves will get a lovely little package in the mail from moi.

OK here’s my five.

  1. I love my feet. Ok, I love all feet, but  I especially love wearing fancy little low-cut peep-toe shoes with bright colored nails that show my toe cleavage and my big freckle on the top of my left foot (pretty specific weird huh?)
  2. I HATE when people write or say ASAP. It irks me pisses me off to no end! .  You may as well be saying “You do it right now because my stuff is more important than whatever it is you are doing! Which in turn makes me move at a glacial pace, by the way.
  3. I love reading Junior Fiction. It’s quick and entertaining. Grown up books are too deep for me. Right now I am reading The Misadventures of Edgar and Allen Poe-The Tell Tale Start by Gordon McAlpine.
  4. I refuse to watch the news. I function much better with my head in the sand up my ass. I’m much happier that way and I have way fewer anxiety attacks.
  5. I am terribly indecisive. If I could actually make a decision, I would have a lot more time on my hands and I would get waaaaaaay more done during the day. It took me about a week to write this post. Don’t judge me.

Ok, so there it is.

Your turn.


About Cluttercafe

Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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One Response to Peepshows, cleavage and other things you may not know (or care to know) about me

  1. Kristen says:

    five down and dirty things about themselves….

    Well I do love a challenge and I love to write…about myself…lol…so here it goes.
    1. Pringles Sour Cream and Onion are evil and I WILL eat a whole tube. I can and I will. Unless I think about my health, or breath or my health again.
    2. I love my mouth, which is good cuz I never shut up. I got my lips from my mother and I am blessed with white perfect teeth. I show off my lips with all sorts of color and enjoy shiny goopy lips. I catch people staring at them when I smile. Cuz…lips….
    3.Dirty long fingernails make me mad, especially on men. Long nose hair is a close second, but lack of dental hygiene makes me want to scream. Look, I am well aware most can;t afford dental care, (I can’t) but a frickin toothbrush? Do you NOT SEE the yellow build up? Ever? Do you look in the mirror? Gums shouldn’t be the color of tomatoes. Your mouth is the gateway to your body. If it is rotting your gonna die. Rant over.
    4. I’m very interested in poop. In a good way. Poop is important. Regularity is important.I know when my kids are regular and I will on occasion look at my own poop before flushing. Shit! I work for a doctor! Blood in your poop is bad. Colon cancer is bad. Be aware. Just sayin.
    5. I read everything! I’m a book whore. Big novels, National Geographic, science, brainy commentary… everything. That being said, I will also read a lot of worthless information…while pooping. (see above) Trash mags are the best cuz I read about stuff that is entertaining and easily forgotten. Trash is good for the beach to. When it gets wet I throw it away.

    BTW-I am the Queen of TMI. Sorry if you didn’t appreciate my post. Oppps, to late. Don’t care. lol

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