Back to School and Dinky Doozies

dinky doozies1

It’s that time of year again. First day of school. A new grade, a new classroom, a new teacher.

Nina had a hard time falling asleep. She was so excited and anxious. I snuggled in bed with her and snuck out when she finally fell asleep. Then five minutes later she came downstairs crying and needed Dad. Twenty minutes later my husband came downstairs and told me “She said I looked like I needed a break. You better get Mom”. So, back upstairs I went. We went through the whole bedtime routine all over again, talked about all the wonderful, exciting things that will go on in 2nd grade (OMG 2nd Grade!)

Andrew is going into 7th grade. Don’t even get me going on him being an almost teenager. I can’t handle it. I keep telling him to stop getting older, but as almost all almost-teenagers do, he’s not listening to me.

Andrew always gets school lunch. He likes it. And they have a pretty good variety for him to choose from. So I fill his lunch account and we’re both happy.

Nina is a bit more particular. She doesn’t eat a big variety. On certain days she does like to get school lunch though. Brunch for lunch day, cracker stacker day (I don’t even know what that is), yogurt parfait day and of course, pizza day. These days are spread out sporadically throughout the month, not weekly. So we have to fill in the blanks quite often. Most days I do have to pack her lunch. Fortunately, even though she doesn’t eat a lot of different foods, she will still eat fairly healthy.

She is a snacker. A grazer. She rarely sits and eats a “meal”. So her lunches typically consist of an assortment of snack foods.

She does take her favorite sandwich everyday though. Peanut butter and cheese. Or as I like to refer to it as a “sawdust sandwich”. I don’t know how she eats it. I don’t even know where she came up with the idea. White (whole wheat) bread, PB and American cheese.

“Nina, do you want PB&J?”
“Do you want PB & Fluff?”
“No. Just PB & cheese. Maybe you can cut it into a heart. It always tastes good when it’s in a shape.”

PB & cheese it is. Who am I to argue?

The rest of her lunch and daily snack is usually a yogurt parfait or yogurt stick, some kind of crunchy snack like Goldfish or Pirate Booty, light ranch dip and carrot sticks, a cheese stick, some kind of fruit and a cookie.

I usually make homemade cookies on Sunday to put in the snack drawer for the week. This week I decided to try a new cookie and while checking out the lunches on Annie’s-Eats, I came across these dinky doozies. I had never heard of them, but they looked delish and pretty simple and fun.

*Sidenote: Annie is one of my all-time favorite bloggers. She is Superwoman. I want to be just like her. I want to spend a day with her so I can see how she does it all. I want to know how she gets her children to eat what they eat and how she finds the time to make everything so perfect. There you have it, my blogger crush is revealed. End Sidenote.

They were so great. So cute. So perfect for the lunch box. They are fairly small but one is enough as it is 2 cookies with a buttercream frosting in the middle.

The batch only made about a dozen after all of them were put together, so I think I will make a double batch the next time. It seems as if they have mysteriously disappeared already. Hmmmmm.

So, if you’re looking for a fun little cookie to brighten up a lunch or school bake sale, these are perfect. Hop on over to Annie’s-Eats for the full recipe and instructions and prepare to stay awhile, because this woman is UH-MAY-ZING!

Thanks Annie!

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