Fantasy Football

Sunday night I got a big kiss goodbye from my husband.

No he isn’t going on a trip. He’s not moving to Paraguay or “going out for the milk”.

It’s football season.

All you football widows (and widowers) know what I’m talking about.

Football season starts and we take a backseat to Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.

We lose control of the clicker and Sunday dinner is replaced with chicken wings, crab dip and beer.

Let’s face it. I can leave for hours and would never be missed unless the chip bowl goes empty. Anyone else feel my pain? I know you’re out there.

I think even more time consuming than the televised games is Fantasy Football. Now, I’ve got to be honest with you. I have no idea how fantasy football works. I am not a fan of football. Although have you seen Tom Brady’s backup QB yummy little monkey. Sorry, let me gather myself.

All I know is my husband will lock himself into a room for some sort of imaginary draft to pick players for a made up team. Then instead of simply watching your favorite team on tv, you have to watch EVERY SINGLE STINKING GAME, so you know what you’re fantasy players are doing. Really? No really? I need to know if this is how this thing works.

I thought it was a boy thing.

Until Nina got involved.

Yep. My 7 year old little princess had to make a fantasy team. Now being a little girl who knows only that Tom Brady is number 12 and a football God, creating a team is difficult task.

Cue the boys.

We were on a little road trip the other day and they decided to help her with her team.

Here it is.


First we have the amazing “Cream Outdoulagacabar (translation…Kareem Abdul Jabbar) who won 2 Superbowls with Chris Bosh”.

Andrew suggested she grab the Hamson Brose (aka the Hanson Brothers from the classic movie Slapshot) because they come as a 2 for 1, so she really made out there.

She did figure out Pedro Martinez was a baseball player but he could still be pretty valuable, so she kept him on the roster.

Let’s not forget Myro Jenning or actually Leeroy Jenkins. This guy has no fear. Gamers, you know this guy. For those of you who don’t take a minute to watch the clip. It’s a bit lengthy, but a hoot. You’ll then realize why he needs to be on a team. A true warrior.
Goaltender Martin Pador (Martin Brodeur). You can get a point if you use “the creepy eye” on him. Folks, there are no words.
Last but not least the unbeatable trio of Tom Brady, Pedroya and Megatron.
There you have it. The mother of all fantasy football teams.

I would like to thank my boys for making my sweet, little girl look like a lunatic.

I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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3 Responses to Fantasy Football

  1. Sandy says:

    That’s my girl and she will make a $$$$$$$. Dad watch your wallet !

  2. Meg says:

    Hysterical! Sounds like a perfect fantasy team to me. Oh how we miss all of you guys but so glad I get to hear about all your crazy antics on this blog!

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