October in a nutshell

The first week of October started fairly normal. The weather was unseasonably warm and the trees were gorgeous. Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year.

Then came Sunday, October 5th. Where it all turned to crap.Pull up a chair. Spoiler alert..it’s pretty gross. Here’s the timeline of events.

  • Sunday 10/5…Nina had a sore throat & temp
  • Monday 10/6…Took Nina in for strep test (negative) she stayed home from school. Felt pretty good all day then threw up at bedtime. Which isn’t terrible. We moms handle throw up all the time. However, it was brown, then bright red, obviously blood. Not too much blood, but I called the doctor to get their input. Any blood in barf is not a good thing.  It was then that I noticed she had a sore on her lip that she said had bled during the day. We thought maybe that’s where the blood came from.
  • Tuesday 10/7 2:00 am…Nina woke me up saying she didn’t feel good. I rushed her to the bathroom where she proceeded to fill the sink with brown blood clots. The clots  were so big I had to kind of give her the Heimlich to help her get them up so she didn’t choke. No need to call the doctor. We were off to the Emergency Room. She continued to bleed and fortunately they found out it was her tonsils and not something more serious. We stayed there until 8:00 a.m then headed off to the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. The bleeding had stopped and he gave her an antibiotic, scheduled her for a follow-up in a week (unless she started bleeding again) and sent us on our way. Oh, by the way, did I mention I felt awful and my throat was killing me?
  • Wednesday 10/8…Nina felt better. I had a temp, sore throat & went to bed without dinner. That’s sayin something folks.
  • Thursday 10/9…Felt a bit better and went to work.
  • Friday 10/10…Husband and Andrew didn’t feel great. Came home to find Andrew asleep on the chair with a sore throat & temp. No surprise there. That morning I noticed these weird little pimple-like things on my fingers. Not many, so I kind of brushed it off.  About 2:00 a.m husband spiked a temp of 102.5 and after the temp came down we Googled all the symptoms and thought it might possibly be Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. Although this usually affects children and infants under 5 years old, we were pretty confident of our diagnosis. Oh, by the way, did I mention I found a letter from the nurse stating “Hand, Foot & Mouth was going around school?
  • Saturday 10/11…The clincher. Andrew came in my room in the morning “Mom. I have bug bites all over my face and arms!”. We quarantined ourselves for the weekend and hoped for the best for Monday. Oh did I mention both boys now had blisters?
  • Monday 10/13…Andrew and Nina went to school. Me & Husband stayed home because of the blisters on our hands.
  • Wednesday 10/15…Nina’s follow up with the ENT. “Tonsils need to come out. How about next Thursday?” Sure! No Problem! Telling a 7-year-old she has to have her tonsils out the day before Trick or Treat. That ought to be fun.  Oh, by the way, did I mention I started a new job in the midst of all this?
  • Thursday 10/16…Andrew and I headed into Boston to Mass General to see the maxillofacial surgeon about Andrew’s jaw shifting to the right to see if his arthritis was back. First bit of good news! No arthritis! Woot Woot! Oh, and did I mention I got a new Alex & Ani bracelet in the Bruins Pro Shop? It was a good day and well-deserved, I must say.
  • Friday 10/17…Surgery day for me. Double hand surgery. Left large ganglion cyst and right carpal tunnel release. More good news, surgery was a success. Although I guess I didn’t think things through as having both hands bandaged left me pretty useless. Nina had to wash my hair. And the bathroom walls. And floors.
  • Saturday & Sunday 10/19 & 20…I hung around recuperating. It drove me bananas!
  • Monday 10/20 I spent at the lady doctor for my yearly and had a mammogram. Don’t forget to do that ladies!!!
  • Tuesday 10/21…Back to work and a week of no family health issues. HALLELUJAH! Praise the Lord!
  • Thursday 10/30…Nina’s tonsillectomy went well. The doctor said they were some of the biggest he had ever seen and she is recuperating well. She had played the pity card all week and collected more candy than you can imagine.
  • Monday 11/3…Nina still at home healing, but doing great. She had a rough night. I’ve been getting her up every 4 hours for medicine and around 2:30 this morning she said “Mom, I gotta say, I’ve had about enough of this business”.  “Me too baby”.

So, now it’s November and here’s to hoping things are turning around. Time to start getting ready for the holidays (yes I said it) and now that I can wash my hands adequately, time to get cooking again!

What have you been up to?

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Wife to a great guy. Mom to two active, wonderful kids. Full time working woman trying to keep it all together.
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2 Responses to October in a nutshell

  1. Oh boy! My October was also sort of a mess and its usually my favorite. I’m also hoping for a much better November!

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